Francis Mureithi who won the Jubilee Party nominations in Embakasi East Constituency, Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY

30 Year Old Embakasi East Parliamentary Aspirant Francis Mureithi Took the constituency by storm as Aspirants gathered in droves to welcome him.

This is after Mungiki leader Stephen Maina Warning Issued death threats to him a few days ago.

Mureithi, who is younger than all the other aspirants is expected to win the seat as he is visionary and clean when compared to his opponents like Babu Owino.

Babu Owino is a drug dealer and is linked to the death of a driver who used to work for youth fund. According to a report that was done by Parliament, Babu Owino is mentioned as one of the people that planned the murder of the poor driver.

The driver is alleged to have eavesdropped a secret conversation and Mr. Owino had to plan for his elimination as a way of keeping the secret.