By Kevin Onyancha

Despite the much hyped Makueni County Universal Health care Championed by Governor Kivutha Kibwana, details have emerged that the entire heath system is in the rot and residents claim to have been short changed.

Some hospital workers who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that the County Government had failed to sustain the free healthcare and there were ongoing talks to increase the Kes 500 annual subscription to Kes 2000 owing to the high costs of supplies and lack of doctors and nurses.

It is now a reality that Makueni health facilities are the dirtiest and smelliest in the country, with torn bed linens which are stained with blood and mucus.

A spot check at Wote level 4 referral hospital confirmed the untold story; there is no water in the wards, Wards are disorganized, dirty beddings and a stinking environment which makes the sick even sicker.

Dirty, disorganized and congested Makueni Level 4 Hospital in Wote

A health worker at the hospital admitted the hospital is indicative of the health services in the county: rotten. She confirmed that there lack of crucial medicine and patients die as a result of negligence due to Kibwana’s lack of management skills.

Dry taps at Makueni Level 4 hospital

“I feel sorry for the people of Makueni,” she said. “They are really suffering and even the universal healthcare will not help.”

Residents who spoke on camera revealed that the Governor Kivutha Kibwana had terribly failed but no one could raise the issues due to suppressed opposition.

Lack of water at the hospital forces people to use water cans in flashing toilets

The multimillion health care plan was highly opposed by economic pundits and County senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr during its inception.

“Even if they are giving us free services, we should get the best standards. We ferry patients with Boda Bodas, Matatus or even wheelbarrows, there are a few ambulances which you are told to pay. Additionally, there are no medicine in the facilities, we buy everything from and generally everything is a mess, ” said Stephen Kyalo a Makueni resident.

Toilets have no water for flashing. They are very dirty

Investigative Photos from the facility have confirmed the shame of Kibwana’s administration, who unlike other Governors did not perform during his first term because he was unable to manage politics  with MCA’S  who  blamed him for lethargy  and lack of development strategies.

“Kibwana is just an activist. He is a man who is taking Makueni nowhere but just resting awaiting for his retirement. We are just mark timing,” Kyalo added bitterly. “We have no food at all, we urgently appeal for food relied because the County Government has failed to turn the tables.”

The shame of the failed health facilities are now haunting Wiper Chairman Kibwana. It is shocking that in Makueni health facilities, there is no proper sanitation, toilets are dirty, corridors are dirty and smelly, water taps are dry and ailing patients use water in cans to flash the toilet.

Additional Reporting by G. Musumbi & Winnie Maanzo.

More photos from Makueni Level 4 hospital.